New Compact Crude Oil Distillation System PETRODIST® 600 S


Combining 3 different internationally accepted ASTM procedures in 1 single system: ASTM D-2892, ASTM D-5236, ASTM D-1160   The  system is designed to work in semi-automatic operation mode and combines all required features in a single system in the most economical way.   One distillation procedure can be used at a time by using the following central components which are …

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Water Baths – Excellent Series

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Water Baths Memmert Excellent Series   Product Details The Excellent series of Memmert water baths features   Fuzzy-supported PID microprocessor controller with integrated autodiagnostic system with fault indication Solid state switching unit 2 Pt100 sensors Class A in 4-wire-circuit, mutually monitoring and taking over the performance at the same temperature value     Digital timer from …

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